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The Deseret News continues to amaze observers with their ongoing effort to promote globalist, leftist, and “woke” propaganda in the guise of vanilla human interest/government policy reporting. A recent example is a special feature on “How Moms Became a Political Force,” celebrating the efforts of activist moms.

With this topic you would think the author would select impactful moms who stood up to the powers that be. You might think the church-owned, allegedly conservative newspaper might chronicle the path-breaking career of someone like Phyllis Schlafly, who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with LDS leaders and against 95% of the media to stop an early feminist project known as the Equal Rights Amendment.

Today, even left-of-center women acknowledge Schlafly paved the way for activist moms. Closer to home, the Deseret News could have chronicled  the courageous efforts of Utah Eagle Forum leader Gayle Ruzicka, mother of 12 homeschooled children, who is pushing back against today’s transgender madness.

Phyllis Schlafly, founder of Eagle Forum, meets with her longtime ally, President Ronald Reagan

A piece on activist moms could appropriately cover the crusade of Moms for Liberty. Despite FBI harassment, this national grassroots effort has changed school boards across America by demanding better education results. Moms for Liberty has also fought to end political indoctrination disguised as legitimate curriculum, like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

But no, the Deseret News promotes an article highlighting moms who would only be considered a political force because they are servants of the dominant narrative parroted by every establishment news outlet in America. Moms fighting for gun control. Moms trying to stop a pipeline from being built. Moms fighting for “people of color” affected by environmental spills (what about the devastation at East Palestine, Ohio? Only white people with Trump hats on there, so forget about it).

UFC activists are primarily moms, doing thorough research and holding our elected officials accountable.

Unfortunately, this is the same narrative enforced on most college campuses. The article promotes the views of college administrator and author Danielle Poe. She is not surprisingly an advocate of “globalization” and wrote a book on moms “confronting injustice.”  Ms. Poe’s official biography informs us that while fulfilling her duties at the University of Dayton, Ohio, she’s had “a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.” This type of peer group-following “leadership” is found with monotonous regularity on nearly every single college campus these days. Ho-hum.

Mother Jones’s comrade Bill Haywood, the IWW leader who fled to the Soviet Union to escape justice.

Finally, this gem of a news piece looks back in time so the author can honor the legendary activist Mother Jones, a leader of the communist and violent International Workers of the World (IWW). This is the corporate news media leading us in a chorus of “Power to the people!!”

Yep. And this is what passes for legitimate, “mainstream” reporting in Utah these days.