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SecureVote.News report: Who brought the “Dignity Index” to Utah elections?

If you take in Utah’s mainstream news media, TV, radio, or print, then you have recently learned that your favorite candidate for federal office is being scored by smart people at the University of Utah with something called the Dignity Index. According to its creators  The Dignity Index is “an eight-point scale that scores speech on its power to unite or divide.” Here’s an example of Dignity Index scoring, which occurs on the scale of 1-8.

Sen. Mike Lee

 “Families in Utah are facing inflation costs of more than $8,000 over the next year. Can you afford to lose one month of your yearly salary? Because that’s how much Joe Biden’s spending spree is costing American families … and he wants you to give him credit for it.”

 This quote is from Rep. Chris Stewart, and he was docked 50% for it, getting a 4. Sen. Mike Lee (above) suffered a lowly “3” for this statement: “Americans cannot afford to allow the Democrats to hold their majority and continue their destructive agenda.”

So there’s the work of U of U personnel and Utah notables in titular roles including former governor Gary Herbert and the Sutherland Institute’s Rick Larsen. However, behind the Dignity Index is a national and international organization in scope and effort, called UNITE, that wants to unify Americans around “shared purpose.”

 Tim Shriver heads the effort. He makes note of his membership in the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, and that he chairs “the leading school reform organization in the field of social and emotional learning.” Second in command is John Bridgeland, who is also busy running the Covid Collaborative (part of a consortium funded by the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, and Pfizer) and is vice chair of the Service Year Alliance at the Aspen Institute. There are a number of funders for this well-staffed operation including the Radical Relief Fund and The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, proud of their “Philanthropy for an interdependent world.”

Utah, of course, was selected to spearhead the pilot project for the Dignity Index because of the culture of “mutual respect” here.  So far there seems to be no partisan tilt to the scoring. Are they just trying to get their foot in the door? But step back for a moment. What is this massively hyped program really all about? A vigorous effort to get politicians to be nice? No mean tweets?

With the media falling all over themselves to cover this new element in Utah’s political campaigns, the effort might be successful. But what would success mean? Would candidates begin to tailor their messages and issue set to avoid offending these new judges? History has shown that the elite “consensus” builders, the social engineers of the corporate-leftist axis known as the “uniparty,”  have jeopardized our liberty to the point of crisis. “Unity” can be interpreted as no dissent from the “shared purpose.” We’ll soon see what this version of “dignity” means for Utah voters.