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Last year SecureVoteUtah attempted to put an initiative on the ballot to return Utah to in-person voting, hand-counting of ballots in the precinct, and many other sensible provisions. The effort drew fire immediately.  Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson, who is in charge of elections, was quoted as describing the group as wanting to “restrict access to the ballot for people who do not look or think like them.”

This was puzzling on a couple of levels. First, did LG Henderson mean that people of color can’t or won’t vote in person? And second, why was her first comment on the ballot initiative a personal attack that had no basis, particularly when she said in the same speech “before people start throwing accusations around, they need to become informed.” And the Governor, looking on as she spoke, had just  weeks earlier lectured Utahns on being more constructive, understanding, and unifying in their political discourse. Do as I say, not as I do?

A few days later Gov. Cox, Mr. Civility said his opponents demanding election integrity “are only interested in lowering the trust in the system so that they can make it harder for people to vote.” One wonders how that statement would score on Utah’s new “Dignity Index.” More on this “index” in a moment.

Utah’s Lt. Governor replied with personal attacks when citizen volunteers questioned Utah’s election system.


Utah’s governing duo are prone to constant lecturing on the need for a more civil tone in our public discourse. At the same time Deidre Henderson and Spencer Cox have continued to impugn the motives of their election critics, as if no one but local extremists with bad motives have found some problems with Utah’s election system. The LG allows that most questions from citizens about Utah’s elections are sincere but evidently the ones who don’t like her answers “really have political malintentions” as “their motivation isn’t to solve problems.”

The Heritage Foundation is conservative to be sure, but it is not exactly a radical right insurrectionist organization. It continues to rank Utah’s election system toward the bottom among the states, in the fourth quintile. The authoritative National Conference of State Legislatures tells us Utah’s ID requirements for voting, a key element to prevent fraud, continue to be “non-strict.” The left-leaning Center for American Progress expressed their criticism of Utah’s elections for allowing overseas voting on the internet, among other issues that prompted a “C” grade.


Gov. Spencer Cox

But this is par for the course with Utah’s “woke” executive and his No. 2. Many saw that Gov. Cox drew national attention vetoing a bill to protect women’s sports from the transgender movement. When scarce monoclonal antibodies became available for covid treatment in Utah, Cox allowed the Dept. of Health to institute a racial scoring system as part of the allocation process.

And when BYU was the victim of real misinformation, concerning a racist incident that never occurred, Cox was caught spreading “the narrative” rather than the truth. He went beyond that, as the governor who constantly lectures us about being “addicted to outrage” went off on the unfortunate, innocent fan and unknown  others he described as “racist ass—--.”

While this record provokes outrage among some Utahns, rest assured it is not coming from the business, media, and political leadership of Utah. This is the real reason Utah suffers under so many “pilot projects” from social engineers coming from the coasts. Cox and Henderson, in between camera-seeking pronouncements of their virtue are in fact typical politicians catering to those “special interests.”

Utah was the first state to conduct an election on the internet with blockchain technology, courtesy of Smartmatic. The Governor and other elected officials are moving us ever so gently toward statewide voting on our cell phones, as the municipal pilot project moves forward. Utah is the only solid GOP state with universal mail-in ballots, a vulnerability that seems to be recognized all over the country, except here.


And then there is the newest feather in the cap of Utah’s elite. Our candidates for public office are now being scrutinized as to how much “dignity” they muster up for their opponents, another one of these pilot projects. University of Utah personnel are now measuring the degree of “dignity” in candidate communications, including their statements, emails, social media, and speeches. Then they are scored for compliance to this new election phenomenon.  A dutiful press has been covering each scoring. The national outfit that brought “The Dignity Index” to Utah, UNITE, is all about unity, and of course, “dignity.” Will this cause candidates to blunt frank criticism of programs and processes favored by powerful interests? Why are the Soros-connected and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund boosting this?

 UNITE also intends to smite that demon destroying our civic fabric, our peace of mind, and our complacent compliance with social engineers, misinformation (used almost interchangeably with disinformation).

Indexes are popping up everywhere, providing dubious measurements to the world of corporate-financed, globalist social engineering. There is, for example, the Soros-funded Global Disinformation Index. They’re on the lookout for those news sources that are most at risk to “divide, and as a result disinform.” They claim their effort is based on “neutrality, independence, and transparency.” Here’s a sample of their fine work. We’ll let you be the judge.

Spencer Cox is rarely caught outside the boundaries set by the latest elite thinking, unless his next election year is approaching. He continues to be an enthusiastic warrior against “misinformation.” He raised his profile at a Washington DC virtual summit put on by establishment, leftish Politico  to warn about this terrible information plague.

Question, Governor: who gets to decide what is dis, or misinformation?

Michael Beschloss


Some of our self-appointed misinformation warriors don’t seem to get the gist of the “dignity” crusade, or else they understand full well that its just one more cudgel to be used against their opponents. It does not appear to apply to them.  ­­­Michael Beschloss, for example, is a “noted” historian, hedge fund operator, and husband of the former CIO of the World Bank and current trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation (an enthusiastic funder of “dignity” and “unity”).

Beschloss told us that we must stifle some political elements (conservative, America First) because they will turn America into a hellscape of political oppression if they have political success. Evidence? Never mind that, he’s regularly on those “reliable” mainstream media outlets! Those who point out the flaws in his extreme thinking were/are relegated to those “extremist” news sources which populate talk radio and streaming content on internet platforms (if they haven’t been banned).

There are a lot of folks still treated very respectfully on the mainstream, woke-corporate funded media outlets who questioned the outcome of the 2016 election. Their references to an “illegitimate president” weren’t characterized as “election denial.” These folks are frequently portrayed as courageous defenders of democracy. Stacey Abrams insisted the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia was stolen, and was seconded by many political celebs, including Hillary Clinton. There is still a lawsuit involving Dominion voting machines that is active in Georgia that resulted from her allegations, not some Trumpist “conspiracy theory.”

 Senators Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar pointed the finger publicly at Dominion and other voting machine vendors, implying they might have allowed the Russians to hack our voting system, which (horrors!) resulted in the ascendance of Donald Trump. And then there is Joe Biden. If one calls the current occupant of the White House “illegitimate” they are a Big Lie-Insurrectionist-Threat to Democracy. But among those who have called Donald Trump’s presidency “illegitimate” is… Joe Biden.

Not long ago Hillary Clinton said flat out that a faction of the GOP is going to steal the 2024 election. (Even if Deidre is at the helm in Utah?) Clinton’s motives are not questioned by the mainstream media, or by the virtue monitors that double as our Governor and Lt. Governor. Hillary, Kamala, Stacey and their statements are just fine. These critics from the Left are categorized as unifiers, constructive elements of our body politic by the mainstream media.

Spencer Cox was recently named one of 100 future world leaders by Time magazine. Cox is on the globalist fast-track. Like fellow Utah Republican Mitt Romney, he knows to train his fire on Republicans who might have questions about the 2020 election results, or other projects of our elite. These are the “election deniers” that spread insidious misinformation that could destroy our “unity.”

Are you getting the picture?


I am sure our Utah leadership is delighted with all the “unity” breaking out between the corporate media, the leftist/globalist think tanks, “constructive” elected officials in both parties, corporate boardrooms, and those in charge of the police powers of the United States government. LG Henderson is “thrilled” by the outcome of a recent poll that tells us an overwhelming number of Utah citizens love our current election system. We haven’t seen the methodology or sample used for the poll. But it is very likely that a large portion of those surveyed didn’t know that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained corroborated evidence that our current Commander-in-Chief is compromised by corrupt actions involving Ukraine, Russia, and most significantly, China.

 Most probably did not know that there was  “a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes… the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans” that included the manipulation of mainstream news  to keep Donald Trump from winning re-election. Until recently, little was known about the collusion of federal law enforcement and big tech to censor free speech regarding the election. Elon Musk has performed a tremendous service in this area with the release of the “Twitter Files.” A SecureVoteUtah poll by Richard Baris in late 2021 showed when Utah voters have the information about the current system’s potential for fraud, they overwhelmingly want ballot security over voter convenience.

It is easy to see the constriction of information and its effect. We experience the constant drumbeat of one viewpoint concerning election security on almost all the “mainstream” media. In Utah that viewpoint is packaged as “Republican.” There are fairly obvious problems with sending ballots to every single person on questionable voter rolls. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the warehousing of voted but uncounted ballots could cause problems. Counting them using a black box that few of us understand subverts election observers and the canvassing boards who can’t actually see the proof of the stated outcomes. Recently, a Utah county canvassing board member spilled the beans: they are expected to approve the stated outcome in what has become a “check the box” exercise.

“But hey, mail-in voting is so easy! You don’t want it to be hard, do you? Trust us, the opponents are racist and have bad intent. They are endangering our democracy! The Governor said so!” Citizens busy with their lives might go with all that. When some questioned the outcome of the nation’s first internet election that used blockchain, conducted as part of the 2016 Utah GOP caucus, the party chair’s defense was “we have a reputation for integrity here in Utah.” The public, at least Utah’s public, seemed to go along with that argument.

 An exhaustive report by a bipartisan presidential commission on elections reported (on pg. 35) that mail-in ballots:
1-Do not increase turnout in major elections
2-Make the vulnerable susceptible to coercion
3-Jeopardize the secret ballot
4-Enable fraud
We don’t need “conspiracy theories.” We make our case with common sense.


Finally, SecureVote.News is not posing any specific allegations of fraud against Utah officials. We do have some questions about a number of things. Mainly we believe that human nature has not been repealed by our Governor, the architect of the current election system, or the Lt. Governor, its current administrator. Utah’s elections do have significant vulnerabilities that could lead to widespread fraud.

The election day, 2022 vote from conservatives and others in Arizona was suppressed by a systemic failure of voting machines, wrong information given by election workers, and resulting long lines at “voting centers.” [Not to mention very shaky signature verification and chain of custody issues with hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots. This issue is still before the courts.] All this did not keep Deidre Henderson from issuing hearty congrats to her fellow woke warrior who was in charge of Arizona elections and most directly benefitted from the chaos, Katie Hobbs. Do we really want to trust Deidre’s judgement?

We will continue to point out that it is obvious that public trust would be greatly increased by an election system where any upright citizen would be qualified to observe and verify results. Those results would come on election night, neighborhood by neighborhood.  France showed the way this year when 33m votes were cast on election day in neighborhood precincts, ballots were counted by hand and final results were announced that evening. France’s election process operated without significant upset, despite the heated rhetoric generated by the competing presidential candidates.


A great gaslighting is going on. Utah’s election system is only as safe as the integrity of everyone who has access to the process. That isn’t how it is supposed to be. Public confidence is currently fortified by “trust us” lectures, and rules government officials make for themselves. We need the independent personal observation that was once built into the system at the neighborhood polling place and the canvassing board as a deterrent to wrongdoing.

Fraud on a large scale is possible in Utah because of an increasingly centralized process, a lack of ballot chain of custody, warehousing of voted ballots, “same-day” registration and voting, no photo ID requirement, and a dependence upon those opaque machines and a relatively few people who have any technical understanding of them.

 These are obvious vulnerabilities in the current system. We have seen trouble around the country with elections. Every canvass undertaken within Utah has uncovered some form of “anomalies.” Utah does not need election problems. That’s why we have launched the Secure My Vote initiative, and ask every citizen to sign a petition to ALL of our elected officials, all of whom have taken an oath to the Constitutions of our great nation and the state of Utah, all of whom should be VERY concerned with our current system.

And by the way, imposed “unity” is often described by another word. That word is Tyranny.

Join the fight for election integrity, today.